End Point Security

Endpoint Security is the sum total of the measures taken to implement security concerning endpoints. These measures include assessing risk to protect endpoints, such as with client antivirus and personal firewall, and protecting the network from the endpoints themselves, such as with quarantine and access control. Also, Endpoint Security logically extends to the management and administration of these security measures, as well as to the risk, reporting, and knowledge management of the state and results of these measures.

The Ever-Growing Threat

The growing number and variety of threats to endpoints, as well as threats that use endpoints as a vector, has made endpoint security a “hot topic.” Current threats include viruses, Trojans, worms, the use of endpoints as DDoS zombie hosts, and spyware. New threats emerge on a regular basis. These threats take advantage of a growing number and variety of endpoint vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities include the familiar, such as buffer overruns; the more insidious, such as keystroke-loggers and instant-messaging worms; and the most recent, such as vulnerabilities in the security software itself.

Enterprises end up with extreme vulnerability to a bewildering array of threats that increase each day. Endpoints are where the typical enterprise conducts most of its business, and disruption to endpoints is a huge impact to enterprises in terms of cost and lost productivity. Since endpoints are now a primary target of these threats, enterprises are forced by necessity to confront Endpoint security as a core business issue.

In reality, endpoint security is both an enterprise goal and an enterprise practice. To achieve the goal, each enterprise has to determine its own best practices to meet business goals and regulatory requirements. By taking this approach and considering all options, the enterprise is able to define its own requirements, tools, and practices for endpoint security and achieve its own goals to secure the extended network.


Trend Micro EndPoint Security Solutions

Published on January 17, 2011

Office Scan Client/Server Edition 10.0Protect your desktops, laptops, servers, storage appliances, and smartphones—on and off the network—with an innovative blend of world-class anti-malware and in-the-cloud protection from Trend Micro Smart Protection Network. New File Reputation frees endpoint resources by moving pattern files into the cloud. And Web Reputation blocks access to malicious websites. A flexible plug-in architecture, new Device Control, HIPS functionality, virtualization, and extended platform support all help lower management costs and increase flexibility.

Key BenefitsImmediate Protection. Breaks the infection chain by blocking access to malicious files and websitesReduced Business Risks. Prevents infection, identity theft, data loss, network downtime, lost productivity, and compliance violationsComprehensive Security. Protects all types of endpoints with a complete endpoint security suiteLower IT Costs. Reduces IT workload through File Reputation, Active Directory integrations, and virtualization supportExtensible Architecture. Adds new security capabilities without redeploying a full solution

Worry-Free Business Security Advanced 6.0

Worry-Free Business Security is safer because it stops viruses, spyware, spam, and other email, file and web threats before they reach your business. It's smarter because it detects threats faster and constantly updates your protection without slowing PC performance. And it's simpler because it is easy to install and maintain— you have zero administration.  It’s Safer, Smarter, Simpler.

Key Features
Fast Scanning: Trend Micro™ Smart Scan detects and removes the latest threats, giving you continuously updated protection with minimal impact on users' PC performance.Block Inappropriate Websites: Gain extra protection from web threats by blocking exposure to risky websites, and help keep employees focused by blocking access to offensive or non-work related sites.Global Neighborhood Watch: Automatically identifies new threats and feeds back security-related issues or events to Trend Micro using Smart Feedback technology, speeding resolution of threats for all users.USB Device Threat Prevention: Prevents viruses on USB devices from infecting users' computers.Server Protect for Netware/Linux/Netapp/CellerraProtect your servers from becoming unwitting hosts for viruses, trojans, bots and a full range of other malware. Trend Micro Server Protect offers real-time protection, high performance and low processing overhead. Server Protect adds another powerful solution to your enterprise’s security and compliance strategy.

Key FeaturesPrevents servers from spreading threats to other servers and personal computersMaximizes performance and lowers processor overhead with multi-threaded, kernel-based scanningIntegrates easily with Trend Micro Control Manager for centralized management across entire networkProvides virus information and policy recommendations to virus administrators via Outbreak Prevention Service(OPS)

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